“TAS rates are fair and reasonable, service was provided beyond their original scope without request for additional compensation, their employees are uniquely qualified.”

School transportation consultants


Student Transportation
Consulting and Advisory Firm
Since 1987, Transportation Advisory Services (TAS) has conducted a wide range of transportation studies (more than 500) for school districts, agencies, universities, and associations, in 21 states... making TAS the Nation's largest dedicated student transportation consulting firm.

Typical Studies Include:

  • efficiency studies
  • assistance with contractor management issues
  • labor negotiation recommendations
  • shared service studies
  • program cost analyses
  • management reviews and organizational development
  • alternative transportation methodology
  • cost control
  • operations/routing review
  • benchmarking
  • Bid/RFP specification development and process controls
  • transportation facility development

Why Select Transportation Advisory Services (TAS)?

Third Party, Independent
We are not affiliated with any associations or contractors; we do not sell any products or materials; we have no real or apparent conflicts of interests; we do not operate or manage any buses; we do not provide consulting services as a sideline!

Transportation Advisory Services (TAS) provides you with a list of all our past clients... not a selected list of only "good" references. We are the nation's leading dedicated, independent student transportation consulting firm with over 500 former clients in 21 states. We have demonstrated success and experience, eliminating the need to try to make ourselves “look bigger” by sharing clients with other firms.

(TAS) consultants offer both public and private sector experiences. We understand the needs of all parties which is a "must" to ensure effective operations. 

We can demonstrate significant financial savings for our clients that more than pay for our services in just the first year. 

The right student transportation consultant can be a true resource for your organization. Call the consultants at
TAS today. We offer the experience, the references, and the results. Consulting services are all we offer, and we deliver!

Hiring a Student Transportation Consultant is a comparative check list designed by TAS to facilitate a client's comparison and evaluation of proposals for the provision of consulting services.

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