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BID & RFP Management​

TAS is the industry’s leading provider of proven Bid/RFP (Request for Proposal) services.

The detailed and complete service offered by TAS includes providing our client school districts advice on the best
methodology to achieve a quality contract for school bus services. We meet with our clients to evaluate
options, including the impact of various alternatives that the district may decide to consider. Key issues
such as contract term, fleet configurations and profiles, pricing methodologies, operating mandates,
​alternates, and more are part of the insights offered by TAS.

We then develop detailed specifications, working with the district and their legal and insurance consultants. Once the specifications are finalized, we assist in “getting the word out” to prospective contractors through emails, conversations, and postings on the TAS website (in addition to any formal notices provided by the district). Our multi-state experience provides us with insights and credibility which enhances our ability to generate interest from quality contractors.

TAS is an active participant in the very important pre-Bid/RFP conference. Should any questions arise during the process, TAS develops draft addenda to be approved by the district prior to their issuance to contractors. Once the bids/proposals are submitted to the district, TAS assists in the evaluation process, including making a recommendation to the district on the most appropriate contractor for the contract award.

The end result is a quality contract that is good for both the district and the contractor. Based on comments from our clients, the TAS involvement more than pays for itself through enhanced competition, a quality contract, reduced legal fees, program management insights, and professional advice. Most transportation contracts last for multiple years and total millions of dollars.

In fact, one of our clients wrote the following about the TAS RFP Management Service: “TAS challenged our staff to think creatively and at the same time, to embed the specs with realistic requirements, some of which are unique to our District. TAS rates are fair and reasonable, service was provided beyond their original scope without request for additional compensation, their employees are uniquely qualified, and their work is well-respected by clients and transportation companies alike.”

Download our descriptive flyer providing more information about the TAS Bid/RFP Management Service.


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