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Code of Ethics

Transportation  Advisory Services (TAS) is committed to providing the highest quality student transportation consulting services. Integral to our approach and history is our overriding focus and commitment on ethical consulting behavior.

Since our founding in 1987, we have been driven by our belief that our clients should never be concerned about the integrity of our work product, or our motivations for our recommendations.

What does this mean? For example:

  • We only work with our public sector clients. TAS works with school districts, universities, agencies, and associations.
  • We do not work for, or sell products or services to, contractors, vendors or suppliers.
  • We do not own or manage buses.
  • We do not sell any products or software.
  • We do not accept commissions from any vendors for any services that we may recommend.
  • We do not work on a contingent fee basis, or a percentage of savings, which could lead to a concern about the motivation for certain recommendations.
  • We do not provide services in areas where we do not offer proven expertise.
  • We do not provide copies of the work product that we have developed for clients to any other sources. If a prospective client asks for a sample report, we refer them to our clients. Over the years we have experienced very difficult situations where consultants have plagiarized our materials, used our research, or repackaged our work products. TAS materials supplied to our clients have been developed by TAS, or sourced in writing.

TAS subscribes to the Code of Ethics adopted by the Institute of Management Consultants, USA, Inc. IMC Code of Ethics. 

We recognize the challenge that is faced by our clients in selecting the proper consultant. We believe that references are an integral part of any selection process, and TAS provides our prospective clients with a complete list of all TAS customers since our founding in 1987. We do not provide just a screened list of “good” references.

We also encourage our clients to review the document “How to Hire a Management Consultant… And Get the Results That You Expect” issued by the Institute of Management Consultants. Please feel free to contact TAS for a copy, or download a copy from the IMC website at www.imcusa.org.

TAS (Transportation Advisory Services) Code of Ethics