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​Transportation Advisory Services (TAS) conducts a thorough review of the District’s labor program, including but not limited to the existing labor agreement, staffing levels and schedules, training programs, recruitment and retention, labor costs, and more.​

Our Process

​TAS will perform a detailed review of the labor agreement.  Our experience is second to none in the area of labor agreement language, feature development to enhance the program, and recommendations for change.  Subsequent to review of the document and supporting data, we will conduct interviews with District Administrators, Department management personnel, drivers, mechanics, clerical staff, and aides.  Additionally, we typically recommend interviews with Union representatives.

Depending on issues and features of the District’s program, we may request detailed payroll information, attendance reports, job descriptions, and work schedule data.


​Although each review is unique, typical outcomes will include, but not be limited to:

  • The development of an Effective Hourly Rate analysis. This unique TAS service demonstrates the true cost of driver labor, including wages and benefits.

  • Detailed recommendations to enhance driver recruitment and retention. TAS completed the largest bus driver staffing study ever conducted, and numerous observations and recommendations have been developed to creatively address this critical challenge.

  • Specific recommendations for changes to future labor agreements that will enhance management rights, address the needs and interests of transportation personnel, and appropriately control labor costs.

  • Summaries of training programs that may be in place, and recommendations for additional efforts that would enhance the quality of services provided by the Department.

  • A third-party perspective on the District’s wage, benefit, training, and staffing levels. These are key elements in providing quality services on a cost-effective basis.

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