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School Bus Routing Consultants

Are buses being utilized effectively?  Is there a process in place to periodically evaluate the basic route structures?  Are there operating limitations in place that limit the ability to reduce buses or better utilize driver labor?  Is the District properly utilizing the routing software systems?  If routing software is not in place, is the acquisition of software a cost effective option?  Are bell times, loading factors, or out-of-district coordination limiting the ability to operate at the lowest possible cost?

Our Process

TAS will work with Department personnel to gather detailed information on scheduled versus actual ridership, including the initiation of a ridership audit if one has not recently been completed.  We will evaluate maps, driver directions, actual run times, stop locations, and much more.  Although we do not “ride the routes”, we do look at routing protocols and procedures through detailed inquiries and systematic audits.

If routing software is in place in the District, our experienced consultants will evaluate its use and effectiveness, including interface with student databases, update procedures, staff training, and vendor support.  If the District is utilizing contracted services, we will evaluate the routing process including responsibilities, District-Contractor interface, and more.


Although each review is unique, typical outcomes will include, but not be limited to:

  • Detailed information on current program service levels, and recommendations for enhancements.

  • If appropriate and beneficial for the District, we will provide charts and tables to graphically display current service levels, proposed service levels, and potential changes that could improve efficiency. We do not generate graphs just for the sake of “packaging”.

  • Specific recommendations for changes if the current system is not meeting the needs of the stakeholders, including bell time changes, modifications to tier levels, and route changes.

  • A thorough understanding of the pro’s and con’s of either improving the use of routing software, or acquiring industry standard software. It is important to note that although TAS is very familiar with most routing software systems and firms, we do not market, recommend or receive compensation from any firm. We believe that would create an untenable conflict of interest

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