​​The effectiveness of the vehicle maintenance program impacts the program operation, cost, responsiveness, and safety.

Questions You May Ask:

  • Are the buses being properly maintained?
  • Is the maintenance staffing level appropriate, and are the mechanics productive?
  • Is there a history of inspections that should be reviewed?
  • Is there an effective maintenance tracking program and system in place?
  • Is the parts inventory properly tracked, and are the parts purchasing system compliant with industry and accounting standards?
  • Are the mechanics responsible for non-student vehicle maintenance?
  • Are the mechanics properly trained and certified?

Our Process

Transportation Advisory Services will thoroughly review the maintenance program, including scheduling procedures, software utilization, financial practices, maintenance staffing levels, employee training, and much more.  We will review historical inspection reports, bus maintenance records, inventory and purchasing procedures, and management systems.

We will request access to maintenance records, and interviews with management and maintenance staff members will be undertaken.  This information will be integrated with fleet data to develop a staffing profile and understanding of the cost and effectiveness of the system.  Issues such as breakdowns or safety concerns that are identified through stakeholder interviews will be pursued.


​Although each review is unique, typical outcomes will include, but not be limited to:

  • A third-party perspective on the maintenance program, including an understanding of any areas that require change.

  • Opinions on maintenance management issues, including labor scheduling, staff training, financial controls, parts and labor tracking, and repair versus replace decisions.

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