Our Qualifications

Transportation Advisory Services (TAS) is the largest dedicated student transportation consulting firm in the United States.  Since our founding in 1987, we have worked with over 500 districts, agencies, associations, and universities in 21 states.  We offer our clients unique qualifications not found with any other firm or organization.

Public Sector Clients Only

TAS is dedicated to working with our non-profit or public sector clients only.  We do not, and have not, worked for contractors.  We know the contractors very well… and they know TAS very well… but we do not come into any engagement with any perceived or potential conflicts of interest.

We do not believe that a consulting firm can sell products or materials to a contractor, or have a history of providing consulting services to a contractor, and then offer third-party, non-biased consulting recommendations to their public sector client who may be using or considering that contractor.

Consulting Services Only

TAS does not sell or market any products or services other than our proven third-party consulting services.  We do not sell software, we do not own or manage any buses, we do not sell books and materials, and we do not accept commissions from any third party entities.  However, we do have detailed, practical knowledge of student transportation regulations and procedures.


TAS consultants are dedicated, experienced consultants, not recent entrants into the consulting business.  TAS offers our clients a consulting firm with demonstrated success, not just a single consultant who may be moonlighting or spending a few days to break up the boredom of retirement.  Our team approach means that our client has support in the event that an illness should strike, or where issues may require a diversity of backgrounds or perspectives.


TAS subscribes to the Code of Ethics as published by The Institute of Management Consultants.  This internationally recognized organization is the leader in the training and certification of management consultants.  We will be glad to provide you with a copy of our Code of Ethics as we believe that this level of integrity and confidence is critical to a quality consulting engagement.


TAS is not a “jack of all trades” consulting firm.  We do not work with other industries where we could lose our focus on the specific requirements and needs of student transportation programs.  We are also independent – we are not owned by any organizations or firms that could create a conflict of interest with any of our recommendations.


We are very proud of our past work… and the successes that we have experienced since 1987.  We have had the opportunity to work with clients on a range of projects including full program reviews, efficiency studies, contractor management oversight, bid/RFP development and process management, routing reviews, redistricting projects, shared service studies, grant programs, targeted engagements, troubleshooting, and much more.

We would welcome an opportunity to provide any prospective client with a complete listing of all of our clients since our founding in 1987.  We do not provide just a “screened” list – we believe our past efforts provide excellent insights into the quality and level and services that we can offer our clients.  We encourage our potential clients to speak with any of our past clients.


TAS is nationally recognized for our pragmatism, expertise and professionalism.  Over the years we have been asked to present topics at regional and national seminars, including ASBOI, NSBA, and AASA.  Such topics as: “Five Ways to Get in Trouble in Student Transportation”, "What's Happening in Student Transportation", "Intermunicipal Sharing", “Pro’s and Con’s of Privatization”, “Benchmarking Your Program”, “The Art of Developing Effective Bid Specifications”, “What About the Driver Shortage”, have proven to be of great interest to our audiences.

We have also had the opportunity to be mentioned in many articles, and to publish numerous articles about student transportation related topics.

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