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School Bus Outsourcing Consultants

Questions You May Ask:

  • Should a District privatize part or all of the existing transportation system? 
  • What are the pro’s and con’s of contracting transportation services? 
  • What is the impact on personnel, capital assets, facilities, service levels, and more? 
  • What is the best method of soliciting bids/proposals? 
  • Will there be effective competition now and in the future?
  • What about program control? 
  • Who should be responsible for routing, parental contacts, stop determinations, and extra-curricular services? 
  • What safeguards should be integrated in specifications to provide proper management oversight and control?


Transportation Advisory Services (TAS) is nationally recognized for our third-party expertise with the very sensitive and important topic of outsourcing.  We will evaluate the current District program in order to determine if privatizing part or all of the system would be beneficial.  We will review labor agreements that are in place, evaluate assets and system requirements, and discuss options with District Administrators.  Additionally, we will review the competitive marketplace in order to provide expertise and guidance in the contracting process.


Although each review is unique, typical outcomes will include, but not be limited to:

  • An independent, third-party recommendation on the pro’s and con’s of outsourcing. It is very important to state that TAS does not own or operate any buses; we do not work for contractors; and we do not sell products or services to contractors. We are recognized for our independence and expertise as demonstrated by our numerous articles and presentations.

  • If the District can achieve the perceived benefits of privatizing while continuing to operate their own program, we will provide specific recommendations on changes that could be implemented.

  • If outsourcing is a viable option, we will provide recommendations on a host of issues including labor, asset ownership changes, and conversion processes.

  • Effective outsourcing is based on quality, detailed specifications. TAS will provide recommendations on key features that should be included in any bid/RFP. If desired by the District, TAS can offer a complete Bid/RFP Process Management service including development of specifications, contractor solicitations, prebid and bid opening meetings, and bid/proposal reviews.

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