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A detailed review of the District’s fleet will be conducted, encompassing life cycle projections, fleet replacement recommendations, utilization analyses, and costs. Included will be our review of maintenance programs, including but not limited to, data tracking and management; mechanic training, staffing levels, and productivity; inspection history; scheduling; inventory tracking and controls; and purchasing. 

Our Process

Transportation Advisory Services will request historical information on the program, including a detailed fleet listing, line item financial reports, copies of forms and records, inspection reports (if available), mechanic information, and more.

We will then conduct on-site interviews with Department management personnel and maintenance staff members.  We typically conduct a random review of bus maintenance files, and/or fleet maintenance software reports.


Although each review is unique, typical outcomes will include, but not be limited to:

  • A detailed review of maintenance and inspection reports, with Transportation Advisory Services providing recommendations if any procedural changes are appropriate.

  • Numerous charts and graphs depicting the current fleet use, historical bus purchases by capacity, utilization analyses, and more. In all cases, the Transportation Advisory Services use of graphs and charts is intended to provide valuable supporting information for our recommendations and observations. We do not generate scattergrams, multiple color charts, and confusing graphs that are not necessary in order to provide our clients with workable recommendations and solutions.

  • Third-party recommendations on changes that should be made to the maintenance program or fleet to maximize the use of capital assets.

  • Recommendations on future fleet purchases.

  • Independent observations on the strengths and weaknesses of the maintenance program, including comparisons to industry-standards and fleet manufacturer requirements.

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