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Transportation Efficiency Studies

This is also referred to as an "Efficiency Study". TAS’ Report Card is a comprehensive review of a district's transportation program, geared towards providing the maximum level of service at minimum cost. Recommendations are based upon an analysis of all areas of a transportation program, including, but not limited to:

Financial  |  Fleet  |  Labor  |  Maintenance  |  Policy  |  Procedures   | Routing  |  Staffing

Pros & Cons Analysis

Also referred to as "Operating Alternatives." When engaged to perform this service, TAS takes a hard look at the various management and operating options available to the district. Our thorough analysis includes specific information related to the benefits and obstacles associated with each option. We have a history of providing pragmatic analyses of the pro's and con's of privatization versus district operation, and we provide a detailed methodology and timeline for implementation. Various options include conventional (full) contracting, management contracting, district operated, and blended programs. Many districts have engaged us to include this service as part of the "Report Card" service noted above..

  • efficiency studies
  • assistance with contractor management issues
  • labor negotiation recommendations
  • shared service studies
  • program cost analyses
  • management reviews and organizational development
  • alternative transportation methodology
  • cost control
  • operations/routing review
  • benchmarking
  • Bid/RFP specification development and process controls
  • transportation facility development



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​BID / RFP Service

By focusing upon the two critical elements of specification development and managed competition, TAS has saved our clients millions of dollars while enhancing the level of transportation services. Our complete bid service includes a review of the existing program, preparation of draft specifications or RFP's, contractor solicitation, pre-bid conference, bid opening or RFP contract negotiations, award recommendation. Our multi-state experience provides us with insights which enhance the ultimate contract while offering industry contacts that are second to none.    Bid Services Letter


TAS is a pioneer in the area of shared transportation services. Successful studies have resulted in the sharing of Management, Out-of-district route coordination, Centralized fueling, Equipment, Vehicles, Facilities, Fleet Maintenance, Purchasing, Training, and Substitute drivers.


Districts often benefit from the perspectives offered by an independent third party. Over the years, TAS has been engaged to focus on a variety of issues including single versus double tripping, management transition, management / labor conflict resolution, contractor management, alternative fueling, redistricting, transportation facility design, and resolving sensitive transportation issues raised by special interest groups.


Since TAS’ beginning in 1987, the firm has worked with State agencies, and other funding sources, to perform a variety of very successful grant studies. For example, TAS has conducted major regional reviews of shared services; we have evaluated the status of bus drivers in the state of New Jersey; we have developed position papers for industry associations; and we have worked in cooperation with civic groups and districts to review efficiency and alternative methodologies. Many of these studies have involved extensive data collection, the development of creative recommendations based on the data gathered, and the publication of results. TAS assists the applicant and the funding agency to develop a successful grant profile, including identifying the issues and the potential outcomes, determining reasonable timelines, and establishing cost effective procedures. We understand grant requirements, reporting expectations and study methodologies.