School Bus Policy Consultants

A district’s policy and supporting administrative regulations, are key factors in the service levels to be implemented by the transportation department.  Issues such as walker distances, stop location determinations, riding times, loading factors, special services, and more should be the controlling factors in the operation of the program.  Frequently, the practices in the district are not consistent with the policies of the district.


Transportation Advisory Services will review all formal policies and regulations of the District.  Depending on State regulations, we will identify any areas that we believe should be addressed by the District, or areas where we believe the policies or practices may not be consistent with regulations or industry guidelines.

We will also conduct an evaluation of the Department’s practices relative to policy implementation to determine if the wishes of the Board are being followed.  We will review any oversight processes, implementation for any discipline reporting and tracking, internal procedures to ensure compliance, and management sensitivity to meeting the expressed desires of the District.


Although each review is unique, typical outcomes will include, but not be limited to:

  • Identification of any practices that may not be consistent with policy.

  • Specific recommendations for any policy changes that would enhance the program operation, or that may better meet the expressed desires of the District.

  • Procedural changes that should be implemented to improve the quality of the service.

  • Recommendations for enhanced oversight in the areas of policy or regulatory compliance.

  • Suggestions for modifications in areas of existing policy that may be creating inefficiencies in the program, or that may be resulting in an inequality in transportation services.

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