School Bus Management Consultants

Transportation Advisory Services (TAS) evaluates all key areas of the transportation program management including personnel, training, software systems, reporting protocols, staffing levels, job descriptions, organizational structures, internal communications, resident interface, and more.

Our Process

The District will be asked to supply background information on the program, including but not limited to job descriptions, staffing details, and operating data.  We will conduct interviews with all program stakeholders including District Administrators, Department staff members, building principals, Board Members, parents, and more.  We will also observe the operations of the Department, and evaluate the availability and use of software support systems.

Management reviews will also include the evaluation of any contractor oversight procedures including systematic reporting, contract enforcement, invoice reviews, and communications.


Although each review is unique, typical outcomes will include, but not be limited to:

  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of the Transportation Program management team and systems.
  • Comparative analyses of staffing levels and support mechanisms.
  • An independent review of the Department’s ability and history of meeting the needs and desires of the various stakeholders including school buildings, athletics, special education, business office, and Administration.
  • Compliance reviews of the implementation of formal policies and administrative regulations in place in the District.
  • Recommendations for program enhancements that would improve the cost effectiveness in the delivery of transportation services.
  • Suggestions on procedural changes, additional resources, or state-of-the-art techniques that could enhance the ability of the management team to meet program demands.

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